Occupy Newton NJ supports Save the Homestead

The Sussex County Freeholders’ plan to sell the Homestead Nursing Home will not solve the County’s financial problems. The long-term costs associated with selling the Homestead far outweigh the impact of a one-time infusion of cash.

The Sussex County Homestead is a valuable community asset.

The sale will cost current residents the kind of quality care that they need and have come to depend upon. It will cost jobs. And the sale of the Homestead will cost the residents of Sussex County the security of knowing that quality care will be there when they need it for themselves, their family members and the people they love.

Sign the Petition http://www.change.org/petitions/stop-the-sale-of-the-sussex-county-homestead-nursing-home

Save the Date:  Next Public Forum, May 23rd at 5:00pm

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