Jun 17

New Website

We’re not gone! Just moved to a different webspace with better functionality. Join us at http://occupynewtonnj.net to read what we’ve being doing and participate in the conversation!

Apr 29

Click the photo for a printable PDF.  Share widely!

Click the photo for a printable PDF.  Share widely!

Apr 22

Occupy Newton NJ supports Save the Homestead

The Sussex County Freeholders’ plan to sell the Homestead Nursing Home will not solve the County’s financial problems. The long-term costs associated with selling the Homestead far outweigh the impact of a one-time infusion of cash.

The Sussex County Homestead is a valuable community asset.

The sale will cost current residents the kind of quality care that they need and have come to depend upon. It will cost jobs. And the sale of the Homestead will cost the residents of Sussex County the security of knowing that quality care will be there when they need it for themselves, their family members and the people they love.

Sign the Petition http://www.change.org/petitions/stop-the-sale-of-the-sussex-county-homestead-nursing-home

Save the Date:  Next Public Forum, May 23rd at 5:00pm

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Jan 03

"Vision and wisdom meet in Occupy support group" by Joan Chittister -

"A newly organized, independent group of leaders from many of the defining American social justice movements of the 20th century a veritable who’s who of social change in the United States over the last 60 years has risen up anew, this time in solidarity with OWS."

Oct 24

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This morning we reached 25 “Likes,” which made us eligible for a user name and simplified URL.

Oct 23

Meeting Report: October 22nd, Sussex County Library

About a dozen members of the local community turned out today to discuss the Occupy Wall Street moment and our local participation in it.

Though the meeting had been convened initially as an organizing meeting for NWNJPA, through the process of introducing ourselves and discussing our motivations for coming together, we identified the Occupy movement as a primary source of inspiration for most of us.

As a result, we voted to move forward under the name Occupy Newton NJ.*

We talked and listened on a variety of topics, including broad problems in our economic, social, and political systems.

Though there are many open questions about where the larger movement is headed, and how we can best participate in it, we reached consensus on the following activities:

The following community outreach events were planned prior to today’s meeting and announced again:

*A brief history of NWNJPA was discussed for those who were unfamiliar. Our group came together in mid-July of this year, before there was an Occupy movement around which to organize. Our name and our loose affiliation with existing progressive organizations were best-available solutions to practical organizing challenges. We felt it was important to clarify this history in order to reassure everyone that we have no preexisting, top-down organizational agenda that we plan to impose on the group. Everyone is welcome to join us in planning and facilitating future meetings.

Oct 22